Spray gun DeVilbiss GTi Pro Lite (without cup)

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Optimized performance in climates varying from hot and humid to cold and dry.

Three air caps developed using advanced fluid dynamics technology for excellent atomization.

Packaged as a solution with multiple components allowing the painter to adapt to changing environments.

Excellent for solvent-based coatings and a must for waterborne.

Fully protected outside and inside for high corrosion resistance - gun coating has non-stick properties.

High transfer efficiency for material savings.


Spray gun, 2 wrenches, 4 identification color rings, cleaning brush, male quick detach stem, branded box, instruction in English

Technical info

Air Inlet Thread - 1/4” Universal

Weight (gun only) - 15.73 oz (446 g)

Gun body - Anodised Aluminium

Air cap - Nickel Plated Brass

Air Cap Retaining Ring - Anodised Aluminium

Fluid Tip, Needle, Inlet - Stainless Steel

Spray Head - Hard Anodised Aluminium

Air/Fluid Control Valve Stems - Aluminium

Springs,Clips, Screws - Stainless Steel

Seals, Gaskets - Solvent Resistant

Trigger - Chrome plated Steel

Other parts - Chrome plated brass

Air valve assembly - Stainless Steel

Air Inlet Pressure - 29 PSI (2.0 bar)

Air Consumption - TE10 (Trans-Tech): 275 l/min (9.7 cfm), T110 (Trans-Tech): 265 l/min (9.35 cfm), TE20 (Trans-Tech): 350 l/min (12.4 cfm), HV30 (HVLP): 465 l/min (16.4 cfm), HV25 (HVLP): 350 l/min (12.4 cfm)

Made in United Kingdom

One Year Worldwide Warranty


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Technical Bulletin (GTI-PRO-LITE.pdf, 1,289 Kb) [Download]