Air cap TE20 (Trans-Tech) for DeVilbiss GTi Pro/GTi Pro Lite (PRO-102-TE20-K)

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TE20 - Trans-Tech - High Efficiency. This air cap is best for faster flow gloss/lacquer. All round gloss/clearcoat. Flow rate and fan pattern lend themselves towards a wetter application style. Compliant trans-tech high transfer efficiency.

Can be used with GTi Pro and GTi Pro Lite models.

Air cap - Nickel Plated Brass

Air Cap Retaining Ring - Anodised Aluminium

Weight - 1.76 oz (50 g)

Air Consumption - 350 l/min (12.4 cfm)

Air Inlet Pressure - 29 PSI (2.00 bar)

Approximate Fan Size (Pattern Height) ~ 11,4" (290 mm)

Fluid Flow - 5.41-6.76 fl oz (160-200 ml/min)