Are you an official distributor of DeVilbiss production?
DeVilbiss CLUB - is authorized distributor of DeVilbiss production.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to all countries.

How long does shipping take?
Average shipping time is 5-15 days:

  • U.S. and Canada - 5-10 days
  • EU - 5-10 days
  • Australia, New Zeland - 10-15 days
  • Asia countries - 15 days
  • South America - 15-20 days
  • Other countries - 10-20 days

Will I be charged for taxes?
We mark all parcels like "gift" and specify price $40 in declaration ($19 for EU). Usually, you don't need pay any taxes. For more details, please look a local legislation.

Where can I track my order?
The best service for tracking is http://17track.net

What are your warranty terms & conditions?
It's a standard DeVilbiss warranty for all goods. For spray guns it's 1 year. More information about warranty for a spray gun you can find in a technical bulletin.

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